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patty_testimonialThis meal is why these size 6 fit!!! Along with my personal trainer and cardio!

Proud that my size 12 jeans have been replaced by my new size 6 jeans and thought I would share! And to answer your question Herb… YES! I am eating right! Have a good night with your family and I will see you in the morning 🙂



Lindsey Theis WPDE-TV News Testimonial

Lindsey Theis WPDE-TV Trains with Herb MacDonald at Fitness One on One“Herb worked with me over 6 months to get leaner, more athletic, and toned. By the time he was done with me I had lost 8 inches and 6.3% body fat, while gaining approx.10+ pounds of lean muscle. I was amazed with the difference I saw. I now am running 5K’s and mud runs and loving it.

Even more important, I felt so much better. From my muscle tone, to my skin, to my posture, to my confidence -everything improved thanks to Herb. I highly recommend Fitness One on One.”

Lindsey Theis  WPDE-TV



Thank you for everything! It’s been 28 weeks now and I am down 120 pounds from 363 to 243!! I was nervous when I started working out with but you immediately made me feel comfortable. You were never judge mental – always encouraging! You taught me how to eat which was the biggest part! I could not have found a more professional and caring trainer. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, you may have played a big part in saving my life!

-Patti Crawford




In six months, Fitness One on One helped me lose 40 pounds, 27 inches and reduce my overall body fat by 12%. Due to a hectic work schedule as a full-time nurse while also working towards my Master’s Degree, I had neglected my fitness and gained a considerable amount of weight and overall felt like crap. After trying several other trainers, I settled on Herb MacDonald at Fitness One on One. Herb motivated and pushed me to achieve my goals inside and outside the gym. I was not only healthier, but fit enough to be used as a fitness model for Fitness One on One promotions. Thanks to Herb for taking me from the worst shape of my life to the best!!

-Stacey Shaw, RN


Herb, important things first how are Jennifer and Kameron? Would love to see a picture.

We came back and are happy to report that we immediately got ourselves some weights and have been sticking to both the meal plan and 3 workouts a week. Roy is now tipping the scales at 179 and I’m at 125!! Those numbers are official as we saw our family doctor this week for our annual check-ups. Our doctor is very pleased that we hired you as our personal trainer, to quote “It’s the best money any of my patients could spend”. Equally pleased with you emphasis on nutrition as well as exercise.

Thanks again,
-Roy & Margaret Strain

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