Myrtle Beach Personal Training Services

Fitness One on OneWe have been providing professional personal training and customized nutritional services along the Grand Strand and beyond since 1996. Our services are offered to locals and visitors vacationing. Programs for individuals, couples and groups.

We specialize in weight loss, increased strength, toning, along with rehab and sports-specific programs. Also Certified in prenatal fitness. We offer fitness services at my facility or at local parks, the beach, your home or office.

We provide a constant mix of challenging routines and cardio to continue to shock the body and create dramatic changes with results.

We love what we do and pride ourselves on helping people get in the best shape of their lives!

Individual Training

All clients are eased into their programs for safety and effectiveness. Clients do not need to have any prior gym experience and need not be intimidated. The staff of Fitness One on One will patiently teach the client proper form, breathing and stretching techniques. Clients advance at a pace monitored by our staff to maximize results without injury.

Couples and Group Training

Fitness One on One Inc., has had a high rate of success with couples, pairs and small groups, helping them achieve their goals together. The benefits are having someone with similar goals, which helps each other to maintain the aspects outside the training sessions, such as nutrition and cardio programs. During the session is also adds additional motivation, fun and sometimes a little friendly competition. One client jokingly told us the training sessions with his wife are the only time they got along.

Cardiovascular Exercise

A vital part of any fitness or weight loss program. Helps to strengthen the heart and lungs. Improves circulation and oxygen intake. Builds endurance, burns calories and increases metabolism – speeding up fat burning process.

Prenatal Fitness

It is very important to stay in shape for the health of you and your baby. Fitness One on One specializes in prenatal fitness techniques that help this cause.

Sport-Specific Training

Sport-specific training is tailored to help the individual with his or her specific sport. Unique exercises are taught that target the muscles and movements used in the particular sport that you are trying to improve at. Sport-specific training can be used for any sport including: basketball, football, baseball/softball and golf.

Proper Nutrition

A large portion of our fitness program is client education and adjustments in nutrition. Proper nutrition accounts for about 70% of any successful fitness or weight loss program. Our programs are customized to the individual and are based on proper nutrition through the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Proper nutrition is essential to speed up the metabolism and enhance weight loss, along with increasing energy and lean muscle mass.

Vitamins and Supplementation

Fitness One on One recommends specific supplements and vitamins based on the individual’s goals, age and needs. The majority of the supplements recommended for the program are meal replacement shakes, bars and supplements to address the individual client’s nutritional requirements.

Free Workout

Free Workout