Myrtle Beach Weight Loss

Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand locals, along with vacationers, can start to lose weight immediately at Fitness One on One with our Myrtle Beach Weight Loss Programs.

Fitness One on One

*Drop 10-20 pounds in just four weeks.
*No magical pills or starvation diets! Our weight loss programs offer personal training and nutrition plans with a high success rate.
*90% or our business is clients requesting weight loss. Myrtle Beach residents along with vacationers have participated in our programs

 Fitness One on One owner and personal trainer Herb MacDonald has been a top south Carolina personal trainer for over 20 years with hundreds of myrtle beach weight loss success stories.

Many of our clients have dropped 15 – 20 pounds within six weeks.

**Client Jennifer Gilley recently dropped 15 pounds,- 22.5 inches and -9.6% body fat (= approximately 25 pounds of fat loss) in less than 10 weeks on our Quick Fit 30 minute program. Several clients involved in our myrtle beach weight loss programs have dropped over 100 pounds in less than a year. (Patty Crawford dropped 120 pounds in 28 weeks!!)

South Carolina has one of the worst obesity rates in the country – you do not have to weigh 300 pounds to have an unhealthy body fat percentage in the obesity range 30% +..

Your Myrtle Beach weigh loss program begins at Fitness One on One.  Our focus is on proper nutrition with a custom meal plan combined with challenging exercise programs. The custom meal plan stresses nutritional balance that calls for small simple-frequent meals. Work equals results. Your Myrtle Beach Personal Training program will involve a mixture of constantly changing exercise programs to create weight loss while improving your overall fitness = a happier, healthier you!

 Its time for you to quit making excuses, get off the diet roller coaster and start a life changing program at Fitness One on One.

Free Workout

Free Workout