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With Herb MacDonald

Herb MacDonald – Personal Trainer Myrtle Beach, SC

patty_testimonialThis meal is why these size 6 fit!!! Along with my personal trainer and cardio!

Proud that my size 12 jeans have been replaced by my new size 6 jeans and thought I would share! And to answer your question Herb… YES! I am eating right! Have a good night with your family and I will see you in the morning ūüôā

Patti Before and After

Patti down 120 pounds in 28 weeks training with Herb MacDonald owner Fitness One on One .

Fitness One on One,Inc. has been providing professional personal training and nutritional services in Myrtle Beach and beyond since 1996. Our services are offered to locals and visitors vacationing. Programs for individuals, pairs and groups.

Specializing¬†in weight loss, women’s weight loss, ¬†increased strength, toning,¬† rehab, sports-specific¬†fitness and¬†prenatal fitness. We offer fitness services at Sands Health Club in Myrtle Beach, SC,¬† parks,¬† on the beach, at your home or office.

Programs provide a constant mix of challenging routines and cardio to continue to shock the body and create dramatic changes with results. We also provide custom nutrition plans which are the key to any weight loss and fitness program in Myrtle Beach.

For more information about the programs at Fitness One on One please contact Herb MacDonald your personal trainer at the beach! Click Here!

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Myrtle Beach Personal Trainer Herb MacDonald

Herb MacDonald – Personal Trainer – Owner Fitness One on One

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